Interview of Fictional Character by Fictional Character – Part 7

25 Jul

Cover of Sharon A. Crawford's mystery short story collection

Cover of Sharon A. Crawford’s mystery short story collection

Sometimes your destiny is wrapped up in a veil of fear to check if you really have the courage to face it.

— Marcus Hades

Bast Overture, crime reporter turned PI, stays in present time (2013) and interviews Jessica Myers, the terrified passenger in the car with the brakes that don’t work. Jessica is Millie’s best friend when the story “No Breaks” starts out. But do the two remain friends after their ride, harrowing in more ways than one? And “breaks” is spelled correctly as it refers to something else beyond car brakes. You’ll have to read Beyond the Tripping Point to find out.

Bast: (referring to the near crash – see last week’s post). That was close. Everyone okay?

Millie scowls and nods. Jessica curles into the corner by the window and gives a slight nod.

Bast:  Okay, Jessica, in the story, “No Breaks,” you were the passenger in a car with no brakes. How did you feel about that?

Jessica: Scared. (Her voice is low and soft).

Bast: How did you react?

Jessica: Tried to find a bay – that’s what Millie said we needed. So I tried to go online but there was no wireless connection. I kept trying, I really did. (Jessica holds up her BlackBerry). See – connection now but not then.

Bast: You don’t drive?

Jessica: No. I left that up to Millie.

Bast: Hm. But what about now after your harrowing experience?

Jessica: What about it? The brakes failed. Millie used her parking brake…

Bast: Millie does something else, something unexpected?

Jessica: What do you mean? She drove until she found a bay and then she drove in to the bay.

Bast: Yes, but something happens in the bay.

Jessica shrugs. So?

Bast: Would that be the result of a conversation you and she had at a pit stop for something to eat?

Jessica: That’s between Millie and me.

Bast: And what about that deep dark secret Millie keeps referring to – a deep dark secret you have.

Jessica: That’s between Millie and me. I’m not saying anymore. I want my lawyer. I want… (She begins to cry).

Millie hits the accelerator and the car jerks forward into high speed. Jessica tries to shrink even further into the passenger seat corner. Bast starts talking into his tape recorder.

Bast: I’m in the car with Millie Browne and Jessica Myers and it looks like we are having a repeat of their adventure in “No Breaks.”

You can read more about Millie, Jessica, and Eddie in my mystery short story collection Beyond the Tripping Point, (Blue Denim Press, 2012). Click on the book at the top and it takes you to my profile – including book reviews – at The book is available there in print and Kindle. For Kobo e-book  go to or go to any bricks and mortar store and order in a print copy.

The video link to my interview and reading from Beyond the Tripping Point on You Tube can now be accessed via the new page “Video” at the top of this blog.


Sharon A. Crawford


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