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16 Jul
Sharon A. Crawford's latest in the Beyond series

Sharon A. Crawford’s latest in the Beyond series

Gearing up for another presentation with other Crime Writers of Canada authors next week. Rosemary McCracken, Nate Hendley, Steve Burrows, and Sylvia M. Warsh and myself will descend on Fairview Library,in Toronto, Canada next Thursday, July 23. I’m being lazy this time round as Rosemary is doing the moderating honours, including coming up with some questions for us authors to reply with sizzling answers to draw in the audience. We’re also going to read a bit from our books.

Meantime I’ve been busy organizing more gigs for the Crime Writers of Canada gang. And talk about being lazy – no not shrinking back in doing there, but I am consolidating some of my book promo (and also other CWC authors) with DRUM ROLL HERE….

A new page on this blog Gigs and Blog Tours.  It features upcoming gigs, some past gigs that were memorable, blog tours and the like, with lots of photos. Check it out at

It is an evolving page, with constant changes/additions. You never know from week to week if it will be the same.

Info on my books and gigs are still on my website, but the setup will change – once my son and I get finished creating a new website for me. This is my writing and editing and instructing website – old one is still up until the new one gets finished.

Meantime, the photo at the top of this post still connects to where you can get copies of Beyond Blood – e-copies and print.


Sharon A. Crawford



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