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Taming Time to Write

Beyond Blood_Final EbookSometimes I would like to shoot the clock (figuratively speaking). Finding time to write (and I don’t mean writing for business purposes, including book promo), is something all authors have to deal with.

Of course, the clock is not to blame. The bottom line is there are too many things we have to deal with in our overly fast-paced world and squeezing in writing time is difficult. But we do have only 24 hours a day and it is up to us writers to sort out our time.

What is important to us and what isn’t?

Writing, obviously is one. But we can’t forget about the family, our health, the house problems, the computer problems and other problems that seem to land unwanted on our doorstep. So, for 2015 I ruthlessly pruned what I will do. I use a system of A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s which I found in a time management life balance book. It goes like this:

A –Have to do; want to do (e.g. writing).

B – Have to do; don’t want to do (e.g. dealing with house problems)

C – Don’t have to do; want to do (try new recipes each week)

D – Don’t have to do; don’t want to do (e.g. any dealings with the boarder I evicted last fall)
I also use three categories: delete (my favourite), delay, and do. So some of those items under B, in particular get put on hold. I am also trying to deal with one problem at a time.

For writing specifically, so far I have assigned Wednesday afternoons and Friday afternoons for writing the third book in my Beyond mystery fiction series. Once I get a better handle on some of my business administrative stuff, Wednesday mornings should also come open for other creative writing such as writing contest entries – which include personal essays as well as short stories. The other times in the day include doing client work (writing tutoring and teaching and editing), book promo and the like. Sometimes workshops and readings are set for “writing afternoons” – I honour those first and juggle the creative writing with “client time.”.

Weekends I try to leave for gardening (spring, summer, fall), family, friends, community events and the like, although I will do writing workshops, author readings and presentations and attend the odd writing conference that crop up on weekends.

During all time I keep my mind open for creative ideas for my stories and essays. Often when I am doing other stuff, the creative ideas pop in. Never ignore these –write them down, or enter on your tablet before you get back to whatever you were doing.

And the big time stealer – email? Unless I consider it urgent, I take from a few days to a week to reply. And when I do deal with email, I set the timer and when it rings I just finish the email I am currently writing.

Guess I use a combination of scheduling and being flexible. Whatever it takes to have time to be creative and just write.

Next week I have a guest blogger – Alex Laybourne, who is a prolific horror novel author with a number of books published. Alex will blog about how he writes. Stay tuned.


Sharon A. Crawford

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Blog tours for your writing and your book

 book cover Beyond the Tripping Point

Click on book cover to get to link to my book

Without promotion something terrible happens…nothing.

–          P.T. Barnum
I’ve been busy writing guest spot blog posts or doing blog tours as they are called. This is a great way to promote your published book. However, it also can work to promote your writing and to do a writing feedback exchange. Blog tours can expand your blog’s readership and create new connections. And we writers working in isolation need to connect.

Connecting with other writers not only gets you out of this aloneness but it can be of mutual benefit to you and your connections. You can read what others are writing and discover different writing styles, learn more in different areas (we writers are supposed to be curious), possibly get some writing feedback going back and forth and perhaps some guest blog posting.

A writer friend, Shane Joseph, has come up with a unique way to promote his published writing on WatPad And  he will also be a featured writer on WatPad  December 14. Direct link to Shane’s work is

My two guest blog posts coming up this month do help promote my short story collection Beyond the Tripping Point, but they also provide details on how and why I write. One post, set up in Q and A style, covers how my writing career evolved and provides a way to share some of the joys and pitfalls of writing – I also like to read about other authors and how they are evolving. In another guest blog I go into my writing name identity crises. Any writer who uses or considers using pseudonyms can relate to this issue.

I suggest you read other writers’ blogs and comment. Connect.

Check out these links:

Shane Joseph on Watpad

My two upcoming blog tours:

The name post – What’s in a Name? Going live December 15, 2012 at

Q and A – Going live December 28, 2012 at

Happy reading and connecting.

And for Canadians, Beyond the Tripping Point is now available in print and Kindle from – direct link


Sharon A. Crawford


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